Edwin White

Producer / Engineer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Songwriter

notbadyou studios


Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM57 x3
Shure SM7
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser 421 x3
Electro-voice RE 20
AKG D112 Kick Drum microphone
RCA BK-1 Vintage Microphone
Turner 251 bullet microphone 1970
Yamaha NS-10 cone for kick drum sub


Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones
Neumann u87 (vintage 1970 )
Neumann U47 FETi (vintage)
AKG C414 EB x2 (vintage)


Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones
Telefunken M280n (Vintage) (matched stereo pair)
AKG C28c (Vintage) Tube Condenser microphone (matched stereo pair)
Neumann KM85i (small Diaphragm Condenser)


Ribbon Microphones
Royer Labs R-121 (Ribbon Microphone)


Microphone Pre-amps
Neve 1073 Microphone Preamp (vintage)
BAE 1073MPL 500 Series Mic Pre x2
BAE Neve 1073 Mic Pre/3-Band EQ x2
Chandler TG2-500 Pre Amp x2
API 512C Microphone Preamp x4
Vintech 573 Microphone Preamp x4
Universal Audio 610B Tube Microphone Preamp (as part of 6176)


AD/DA Converters
Avid HD I/O 16x16 Analog


Outboard Gear (Dynamics and EQ)
Purple Audio MC77 Compressor / Limiter
ADR Compex F760X-RS by Q2 Audio Stereo compressor/limiter/expander/gate
Urei LA-3A Compressor/Limiter #3395 (Used)
API 560 10 band EQ
API 550b 3 band EQ x2
Universal Audio 6176 (610B Tube Microphone Preamp 1176LN Limiting Amplifier)
dbx 162 VU stereo compressor
dbx 160 compressor x2
Teletronix LA-2A (vintage)


MOTU MIDI Express 128
Radial ProD8 (DI Rack)
Radial JD7 (Amp injector)
Radial JDI x3


Effects Processors
RE-201 Roland Space Echo
Yamaha SPX900 Multi Effects Processor
Springray Spring Reverb


Guitar Pedals
Custom Fuzz Face
1980s MXR dyna comp
BOSS TR-2 tremolo
EHX Memory Boy Deluxe delay
EHX Cathedral stereo reverb
BOSS GE-7 Equaliser
Reissue ProCo RAT
Original Marshall Shred Master
Bixonic Expandora Original Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz
JHS Bun Runner Dual Fuzz Pedal
Green Russian Big Muff Pi
Klon KTR
electro harmonix small stone eh4800 Phase Shifter
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
JHS Unicorn Analog Uni-Vibe
EHX POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator
BOSS PS-6 Harmonist
BOSS BF-2 Flanger
BOSS PS-3 Phase Shifter
Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter
Moogerfooger 12-stage PhaserMoogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux


Upright Piano Wertheim
Hammond Combo Organ
Farfisa Reed Organ
Roland Juno-60
Korg Poly-800
Casio Casiotone 405
Casio CZ-101
Roland TB-303
Roland MC-202
Dave Smith Prophet 08
Suzuki Omnichord
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
CASIO SK-1 Sampler
Assorted Modular Synthesizer Modules


Drum Machines and Sequencers
Roland TR-909
Akai MPC 2000XL
LEL UDS Vintage Russian Drum Machine


Speakers and Amps
Leslie Rotating Speaker Cabinet
Silver Face Fender Twin Reverb (1970)
Avora ME-10 (German Made Vintage Practice amp)


Drums and Percussion
Late 60s Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit 22” 16” 13”
Ludwig 1970 Supraphonic Snare Drum
WFL 1950s Maple 7” deep Snare Drum
Assorted Zildjian Cymbals (new and vintage)
Lots of Percussion instruments (shakers, tambourines, shaky things, etc)
Assorted Drum Hardware


Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow body guitar (1968)
Silvertone 1448 Guitar with tube amp in case (1963)
Maton Mini-Maton Acoustic Steel String Guitar